A Contrastive Grammar of English and Dutch: Contrastieve by Flor G. A. M. Aarts, Herman Chr. Wekker (auth.) PDF

By Flor G. A. M. Aarts, Herman Chr. Wekker (auth.)

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2. their third person singular present tense indicative does not take an -s suffix. 3. their past tense formation is highly irregular. Dare, need, ought to and used to These are called marginal modals, since they do not behave exactly like the other modals mentioned above. Dare and need, for example, are used both as auxiliaries and as lexical verbs. Their use as auxiliaries is particularly common in negative and interrogative sentences. : 30 The word DARE NEED Lexical verb He dares to ask me that He does not dare to ask me that He needs to be careful He does not need to be careful Auxiliary He daren't ask me that Dare I ask him that?

For example, we can have Nurses love heroes Students work efficiently but not *Poor love heroes *Efficiently are poor *Students are efficiently *Nurses work poor Verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs, then, can be recognized on the basis of their syntactic behaviour in sentences and this claim can also be made for other classes of words. 11: Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs Prepositions Conjunctions Articles Numerals Pronouns Quantifiers Interjections Some of these classes (for example, articles and pronouns) are easily definable in the sense that it is possible to list all their members.

2. Form Use Examples 1. infinitive (with or without to) He should wait for me He used to wait for me every day Wait for me tonight! I/you/we/they always wait for her I insist that he wait for me tonight BASE 2. imperative 3. present tense indicative (except 3rd person singular) 4. 2 26 The word Verb forms are either non-finite or finite. The non-finite forms are the infinitive, the -ing participle and the -ed participle. The other forms are finite. Finite forms exhibit contrasts of tense (he waits/he waited), mood (he waits/he wait), person (I wait/he waits) and number (he waits/they wait).

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A Contrastive Grammar of English and Dutch: Contrastieve grammatica Engels / Nederlands by Flor G. A. M. Aarts, Herman Chr. Wekker (auth.)

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