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By Biren Bonnerjea

A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology

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109); in Siam (Enc. Rel. , Art. “Siam”) ; among the Slavs (cf. the legend of the Kremlin Palace in Moscow); in France (BERENGER-FERAUD); in India (see Yak, Yaksha); in Wallachia (ST. JOHN, Legends of the Christian East, p. 187). See also Word Lore, Vol. I, p. 195; FRAZER, G. , Vol. I, p. 145; SCHMIDT, Das Volksleben der Neugriechen, pp. ; ELWORTHY, E. E,, p. 82; BERTHOLET, Transmigration Of Souls, p. 12 ; PROHLE in Zeitschr. f. deut. , Vol. 1, p. 202. cf. Sati, First Buried, Last Buried. To dream of being buried signifies a serious fit of illiness.

Vol. IV, pp. ) The Mohammedans never cut bread with a knife, but “break” it, saying it is impious to wound bread with steel. (ABBOTT, p. ) In Scotland (GREGOR, p. 21), and in Brittany (LE BRAZ, Vol. 1, p. 267), on the night following a burial, bread and water are kept in the room where the body lay before the burial. Failure to comply with this precaution causes the deceased to lose his repose in the other world. In Ireland, potatoes and baked cakes are substituted for bread, and serve the same purpose.

Canwyll Cyrph: Welsh name for Corpse Candles. Cards: During a game of cards, the devil sits under the table, and if any of the party swears, up jumps the devil behind him, tail and hoofs and all. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. I, p. ) Carpo: Gr. Myth. ). Carrying: It is unlucky to carry anything out of a house on Christmas morning until something has been brought in. ) Cassia tree: High medicinal virtues are attributed to the leaves and barks of the cassia tree. (China. MAYER, Chin. Read. , p. ) Cassiopeia: Gr.

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