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A Grammar of Miya describes a language of the Chadic kinfolk spoken in Northern Nigeria. this can be the 1st documentation of Miya apart from note lists. The grammar describes all points of the language. Of specific typological curiosity are the tone process, a "terraced point" approach within which tone operates over multi-syllabic domain names, and be aware order, that's VXS in lots of contexts.

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By TONE SPREAD, they form a single domain, which then is subject to DEFAULT H TONE, giving nakan akyar laah, nuwun [- - - - - - - -], pronounced all H. INITIAL H LOWERING bears a feeding relation to LOW RAISING and must therefore precede it. For example, the word Ipiraml 'blood' is a H word (cf. v,n 'buffalo' is L (cf. v,n (cf. nabn piram kiJv,n [- - - - __1 'this blood of a buffalo', where piram bears H and thus does not condition LOW RAISING). L r--..... poram dlangor ----t No change because dl is a voiced obstruent.

Presumably Kanoo comes into Miya from Hausa, where it has a H-L pattern. However, as noted in the preceding footnote, the word initial H of the citation fonn is interpreted as Toneless in Miya, causing the word to behave tonally as a Toneless-L word. 19The adjective sdaboo 'new' is borrowed from Hausa, where it has all high tones. In borrowing this word, Miya has interpreted the citation form with high tones as belonging to the Miya Toneless class, thus bringing it under the rules which apply to Toneless domains.

1 Tone patterns on native, underived Miya nonns This tone marking system is especially appropriate for Miya, first, because the use of only two diacritics captures in a direct way that there are really only two distinctive tone levels in Miya,4 and second, because nearly all Miya tone processes hold over (potentially multi-syllabic) domains rather than single syllables. Tone marks thus delineate the beginnings of domains rather than the tones of particular syllables. Unless otherwise indicated, I will mark the tones of citations as they would be pronounced rather than according to their lexical tones.

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