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By Chet A. Creider, Jane Tapsubei Creider

ISBN-10: 3871189448

ISBN-13: 9783871189449

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Find and correct five mistakes in the use of used to. The first mistake has already been corrected. miform. Jt took away from ___ _ my freedom of choice. Now. but _cJo_thes CQst so much! sed to be cheaper. than £30 for hers. ck then. but now I'm not so su re! - •• T -- I POINT The girl in the hospital bed is givin her version of g • I wasn't running for the bus, I was skii . ie, :> , I SUBJECT 8E I/He/She/lt was (NOT) BASE FORM OF VERB + -ING (not) skiing. *You is both singular and plural. YES/NO QUESTIONS ~ ANSWERS • :: rr,rrec n"" 'IPr.

We finish ed the conversation. Then I dr ove to school. Jan h eard about the accident while sh e was driving to work. Jan knew about the accident by the time she got to work. , When they left the motorway, it started to rain. It was raining while they were on the motorway. 5 When Zoe got to school, her class was taking a test. Zoe was late for school. COMPLETE • A police officer is interviewing two witnesses of a traffic accident. Complete the interview with the correct form of the verbs in brackets and with short answers.

They used to live in Genoa but they no longer live there. -e • She used to wear a size 6 but she doesn't any mo e. 3. BE CAREFUL! Form estio with + l "'e to. • Did you use to wear jeans? NOT Form the .. , with USAGE NOTE: ! ' + " tn • . is more common in affirmative statements than in negative statements or questions. The negative form . is also possible but • . IS more common. 4. BE CAREFUL! Do not confuse + base form of the verb with the following expressions: t:: u d . (be accustomed to) get used .

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