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By Dharam Ghai, Azizur Rahman Khan, Eddy Lee, Samir Radwan

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This change might perhaps raise some questions about the degree of accuracy of the observed relation between the pattern of input use and yields across farm sizes for the latter year. It is possible, however, that part of the discrepancy could be accounted for by the fact that the cost item 'implements' does not fully reflect the influence of increased mechanisation. Data on the number of power tillers and threshers in use in 1974 show a significant increase from the very low level prevailing in 19698 and this increase could account for the observed relative reduction in total labour input on the larger farms.

In few of the contemporary cases of industrialisation through the extraction of resources from agriculture were decisions made on the basis of a proper investigation of this question. Notes 1. K. Griffin, Growth and Impoverishment in the Rural Areas of Asia (mimeo, Oxford: Queen Elizabeth House, 1978) Table 3, p. 7. 2. See G. L. loJ11'Mnt in Plantation Economies of the Third World (New York: Oxford University Press, 1972). 3. See Chapter 6. 4. O, Poverty and Landlessness in Rural Asia (Geneva: 1977).

The data base - bearing in mind the various limitations we have indicated - is not firm enough to lead to the conclusion that the degree of inequality has remained unchanged. Instead we woUld argue that there are several indirect indications that relative inequality has probably increased in the rural economy. a. a. a. a. a. Source Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Farm Household IncomeSuroey, 1964and 1976. 10 Source of Farm Income by Size of Landholding, 1964 and 1975 average per household ('000 won) c:!

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