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By Mical Schneider

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To flee the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, twelve-year-old Annie and her brother to migrate to ny urban the place they sign up for their older sister as servants, creating wealth to carry the remainder of their kinfolk to the United States, the place they notice that either foodstuff and hardships abound.

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On every floor, the windows had glass, even the smallest ones at the top of the house. Bridget had written that she lived on the third floor, so those windows might be in her room, Annie thought. “Not the front door,” Bridget said when Annie and 58 Thomas stood on the sidewalk, neither one about to move. ” She opened a low iron gate and led the way down the plain stone steps to a scarred wooden door. They entered a room as wide as their cabin at home. Where Annie judged the hearth would have been, a huge black stove squatted on four curved legs.

Ellen brought some herbs, so I’ll make a potion. ” While Annie held the noggin, William found the powders, sprinkled them into the water, and raised Thomas so that he could drink. When Thomas had finished half a cup, he lay down again, and soon he was no longer trembling. Annie leaned against the ship’s wall, her shawl drawn close around her. Over and over she saw the gleam of her 36 shillings on the cook’s palm. She felt his lips on her cheek and his foul breath in her face. In the morning, he’d be waiting for her.

I’m coming,” Annie said. The cook was already lounging by the water barrel, smoking his pipe, and darting his eyes over the line of waiting men and women. Don’t look afraid, Annie told herself. It’s fear that’ll give you away. At her turn, Annie showed the sailor her number and held the pail steady for him to ladle out her gallon. She could feel the cook’s eyes run over her face and shawl, trying to decide if she were the girl who had paid four shillings for a cup of water. She blushed with the shame of it.

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