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By C. Heald, A. C. K. Smith (auth.)

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Consequently a body has two heat capacities: one at constant volume, Cv, and a second at constant pressure, Cp. ) The corresponding molar heat capacities for a substance B, represented by the symbols Cv,B and c;, 8 , are the temperature differentials of U8 and Ha respectively. The unit for heat capacity is J K- 1 , that for molar heat capacity J K- 1 mol- 1 . 1 The mofLlr heat capacity of an ideal gas The value of U8 for a gas B varies with temperature because of the dependence of the kinetic energy of translation on temperature.

N is the increase in the number of gas moles as reaction occurs. U-e- for the combustion of propane at 298 K, given that the corresponding value of M-e- is -2218 kJ mol- 1 . n is clearly - 3. 1. 6 and consists of calorimetric measurements on a reaction carried out at constant volume or pressure. It is not the purpose of this book to describe this method in any detail, but it is important to realise that only certain reaCtions can be studied calorimetrically. In fact, accurate data will be achieved if the reaction under investigation is fast, proceeds to completion and is free from complicating side reactions.

4) where the subscript V denotes a value of dq under conditions of constant volume. 4 is valid, heat absorbed or evolved is a definite quantity since it is equal to the change in a property of state. 2 Heat absorbed or evolved at constant pressure-enthalpy Although constant-volume processes are encountered, they are much less common than those taking place at constant pressure. In defming reaction conditions, for example, it is much more usual to stipulate a certain temperature and pressure, rather than a temperature and a volume.

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