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2 Simulations of discrete r. v. Discrete random variables with nite number of values are simulated by assigning values according to the ranges taken by the pseudorandom uniform random variable U from the random number generator, U=Rand1. To decide which value of X should be generated, take a partition f0 = a0  a1  : : :  an,1  an : : :  1g of interval 0; 1. This means that we simulate X = f U  using a piecewise constant function f on the interval 0; 1. If f x = vk for x 2 ak ; ak+1, then PrX = vk  = ak+1 , ak .

1 Examples of continuous r. v. The following table lists more often encountered densities. 2 give the graphs of the normal and exponential densities. 3 A dart is thrown at a circular dart board of radius 6. 3,  center. 3, let X; Y denote the arrival times of the two drivers at the intersection. Find the density of the time lapse jX , Y j between their arrivals. 24 CHAPTER 2. 2: Continuous random variables. 1: Graph of the standard normal N 0; 1 density f x = 2,1=2e,x2 =2 . 2 Histograms Simulations and experiments do not give direct access to the density, but often a histogram will approximate it reasonably well.

In contrast, the non-linear approximations require elaborate numerical schemes to process the empirical data. 15 Lack of memory Conditional probabilities help us to arrive at important classes of densities in modeling. In this section we want to analyze an non-aging device, which characteristics do not change with time. Suppose T represents a failure time of some device. If the device is working at time t, then the probability of surviving additional s seconds is PrT t + sjT t. For a device that doesn't exhibit aging this probability should be the same as for the brand new device.

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