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By Angelica Zander Rudenstine

Choice from the George Costakis assortment, a useful source for students of artwork of the avant-garde in Russia. artwork historian Angelica Zander Rudenstines advent describes the Costakis Collections formation and critical info from George Costakiss biography. Margit Rowell reexamines yes premises approximately Russian and Soviet avant-garde artwork.

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On reverse of photograph, the media are identified as glass, metal, wood, celluloid, copper. The photograph was taken in a hitherto unidentified exhibition. C 1. Repr 2. Cubist at Her Dressing Table color. , Costakis, pi. alter his 135. move to Paris in 1908. and was a corresponding member "Supremus:' the Suprematist group. Irom 1916. Woman in is most closely related Front ol a Mirror (destroyed, repr Dimension. New M in Archipenko's Museum, 1979. it ol has not hitherto been possible to establish the specific nature ol the interaction between him Rowell.

Usually this straight line forms. . is the conjunction of forms with the simplest of curved The constructivists in quotation marks used the same materials to solve formal problems, but in an abstract way, mechanically add- ing technology to their art. The constructivists quotation marks did not consider the organic connection of the material with its application in and function. An indispensable form is not simply born as a result of the dynamics of these fig- 17 Vladimir Tatlin Model for the interrelationships.

Medunetsky, trained 30. Paraphrased ibid 28. Khan-Magomedov, see visible in his "construction" (cat. no. 203), Yet A closer examination of the works reveals certain visual characteristics that is merely requires some rearrange- struction. 30 glance the visual differences the effective organization of close in other parts. In construction the removal of any are not always clear. For example, the theoretical is it is concept to the collages in her 1919 book Gaust the meetings in material elements.

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