New PDF release: ASP.NET database programming weekend crash course

By Jason Butler; Tony Caudill

ISBN-10: 0764548301

ISBN-13: 9780764548307

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F 11/7/01 9:02 AM Page 47 SESSION 5 Using SQL: A Primer Session Checklist ✔ Understanding the usefulness of SQL ✔ Writing SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL commands A fter you have built a database, whether it be SQL Server or Oracle or Access, a time will come when you need to do something with it, more than likely retrieve and modify data. When dealing with data in a database, it turns out that there are four actions you will most frequently perform: create, retrieve, update, and delete.

OK, now let’s talk constraints. A constraint is a mechanism for enforcing the integrity of the data in your table. There are several types of constraints. Among these are primary key constraints, foreign key constraints, unique constraints, and check constraints. Check constraints ensure that the data entered in a column follows a set of rules. A unique constraint ensures that the data inserted into a column, or group of columns, is not duplicated in the table. A foreign key references the primary key of another table and ensures the data in the foreign key column is present in the referenced table.

Many people refer to SQL Server as a database, which it is, sort of. SQL Server is actually an application, a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which can contain multiple databases. 0 to create the database in this session. If you are using SQL Server 2000, the steps will be slightly different. Note OK, let’s create the Music database. You’ll start by creating the database using Enterprise Manager and perform the following steps: 1. Expand the SQL Server Group item, if it isn’t already expanded, in the Enterprise Manager tree.

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