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By Michael Haas

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With a foreword written by means of former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, this e-book portrays President Barack Obama as a real baby of Hawai‘i and explains why he believes that the US can in achieving much more greatness via studying from the multicultural customs of the fiftieth state.

• presents connections among prices from President Barack Obama to his philosophy and temperament in the course of the book

• provides a accomplished examine the multiculturalism of Hawai‘i and ties those features to Obama's profession and political decision-making

• features a reprint of the textual content of the Aloha Spirit legislation, which publications governmental judgements in Hawai‘i with the strength of law

• Identifies how Obama's presidency is in contrast to the other due to his multicultural studies as a baby of Hawai‘i, and why he's forced to deliver his humanity, idealism, and powerful trust in American values to the total country

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Each day, Barry’s mother woke him up early in the morning to homeschool him in English and other subjects. Ultimately, she decided that he would be better off advancing his education in Honolulu. Flying with him to Honolulu in 1970, she asked her father if he could secure admission for Barry at Punahou, reputedly the top prep school in the state. Thanks to assistance from Stanley’s boss, Barry was accepted into grade 5 for the fall of 1971 and then lived with her parents, nicknamed Gramps and Toot (“tut ¯ u” ¯ is short for “grandmother” in Hawaiian).

Understand people from a wide array of backgrounds. . People see themselves in him . . because he himself contains multitudes” (Thanawala 2008). As he once said, “only in a country in which we can appreciate differences of race and religion and ethnicity while still insisting on our common humanity, will my own soul feel rested” (Obama 1999). The “culture of inclusiveness attracted [a]cademic Kathleen Hall Jamieson” to buy a second home in Hawaiʻi (East-West Center 2009). While in Chicago as a community organizer, Obama wrote to a friend about the Black community: “I’ve learned to care for them very much and want to do everything I can for them” (Remnick 2010:141).

Temper tantrums are held back to the extent possible. Many observers of Obama marvel that he can stay cool, relaxed, and unflappable, but that is the way Islanders grow up. He impresses others with his imperviousness in the face of rudeness (Remnick 2010:115, 509). As Obama says, there is a “climate of mutual respect” (Glauberman and Burris 2008:5) in Hawaiʻi: [W]hat people often note as my even temperament I think draws from Hawaii. People in Hawaii generally don’t spend a lot of time, you know, yelling and screamin’ at each other.

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