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By Gemma Elwin Harris

ISBN-10: 0062223224

ISBN-13: 9780062223227

Illuminating and crucial, Big Questions from Little People is a undying reward, a guide for curious young children and their puzzled mom and dad.

the various questions teenagers ask during starting to be up can stump even the simplest expert grownup: Why can't I tickle myself? Are all of us comparable? Who named the entire towns? Do extraterrestrial beings exist? What makes me me? Is it ok to consume a trojan horse? Who invented chocolate? If the universe began from not anything, how did it turn into whatever? How do you fall in love? who's God? How do cooks get rules for recipes? Why are a few humans suggest?

This captivating and informative assortment has been compiled from schoolchildren's genuine questions, that are replied through the world's maximum specialists, together with Mary Roach, Richard Dawkins, Philip Pullman, endure Grylls, David Eagleman, Philippa Gregory, Noam Chomsky, and Mario Batali.

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