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By Joseph Dobrian

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Many of us have confident themselves that writing abilities are both past them, or pointless, within the informal international of the '90s. however the truth is, if you are going to make it within the enterprise international, you'll want to understand how to put in writing good. in reality, few issues can damage a recognition greater than a poorly written letter or memo. enterprise Writing abilities takes the angle that writing is less complicated than most folks imagine, and fast units approximately proving that time. Written in a refreshingly conversational type, this ebook makes an individual enthusiastic about choosing up a pen or powering up a observe processor to jot down transparent, concise English. via its dynamic language, a variety of examples, and perform workouts, this e-book takes readers the entire manner from looking at a clean web page to incorporating international phrases into textual content. they will additionally find out about: ** often misused phrases and expressions ** matching the correct tone to the location or individual ** the right kind writing kinds for memos, letters, activity descriptions, reviews, newsletters, or even electronic mail.

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Always use a comma after a date: In 1947, the British granted independence to India. Commas can take the place of words that would otherwise have to be repeated. Here, the comma between some and when implies the words kill their love. Some kill their love when they are young, and some, when they are old. Use a comma following the salutation of an informal letter, and following the complimentary close of a formal or an informal letter: Dear Ed, Sincerely, Insert a comma between a proper name and an affiliation, degree, or title: William B.

As diverse as spoken English may be, though, written English comes pretty close to being the same wherever you go. That Scotsman and his friend from Louisiana would have no problem reading each other's letters! In this chapter, we'll cover English grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling as applied to written English. What Is a Style Book? A style book tells you what is "correct English" for your purposes. A style book says, in effect, "Okay, we all have our own opinions on what's right and what's not, and we all have our own rules.

A really thorough study of English grammar is a huge projectbut believe it or not, it can be fun. Oddly enough, the best way to learn English grammar is to learn another languageparticularly French or Latinand then study English more intensely. Types of Words Nouns A noun is a word (or a compound word) that names something. Dog, father, water, and sky are nouns; son-in-law is a compound noun. Proper Nouns Proper nouns are names of specific persons or things. Henry, Argentina, Mrs. Robinson, and Jeep Cherokee are all proper nouns.

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